Reviews & Testimonials

Past Productions

We've had some amazing reviews and feedback for our shows over the years, which we thought we'd share with you!

Here are some responses to our past productions.




National Press Reviews

"Dynamic, fast paced action... dancers swing, slip and roll alongside and over each other. Driven employs aerial work with thrilling skill, at one point it even takes on supernatural suggestions"
The Times on Driven

"A ferociously energetic performance style with a slick and glossy assault on contemporary values"
Read more from The Guardian review on Driven

"The talented cast work right to the limits of their abilities, bringing sensuality and breathtaking moments in equal proportion"
The Stage on Driven

"You feel the soar of flight in your chest and the tug of gravity in your gut... Perfect works on a visceral level of motion and momentum"
Read more from The Guardian review on Perfect

"With its Zen gardens, beach parties, clever use of giant projected hands to manipulate the dancers, independent minded shadows and passages of harnessed flight, this is a warm, beguiling, oddly reassuring work; a Neverland for grown-ups"
Read more from The Sunday Times review on Perfect

"This is accessible and enchanting dance, not afraid of innovation while providing a performance of memorable excellence"
Read more from The Stage review on Perfect

"Artistic Director Kevin Finnan succeeds brilliantly in drawing us into the world of those we are watching, maybe recognising similar scenes from our own existence. Perfect is fun, has something for all and perhaps most important is accessible. It is easy to relate to what is happening in front of us"
Read more from Ballet/Dance Magazine review on Perfect

"Another high-adrenalin ensemble where it is important for both the audience and performers to keep their nerve"
The Guardian on Fearless

"One of the most energetic shows ever choreographed"
The Stage on Fearless


"A visual poem in which style and content are equal partners and action and images merge"
Dance Theatre Journal on Atomic

"A vivid blend of high energy dance wry observation and striking visual illusion with a punchy and provocative edge"
The Times on Twisted

"Distinctive fast and furious dance style"
The Independent on Sunday on Faking It

"Stealthy fluency and possessive energy... the images stay in the mind"
The Guardian on Geisha

"Solid, intelligent work that is beautifully performed. It both satisfies and nourishes"
The Independent on Sunday on Punch

"Shows how the intellect and the aesthetic can be united"
The Guardian on Arcadio/Déjà Vu


Regional Press

"Ingenious choreography with revolving doors… dreamlike narrative"
Birmingham Post on Driven

"This company takes dance and blur the edges, and there are no tutus in sight. They are introducing a lot of people to dance who have never watched it before and this is probably because they're saying something vital. Kevin Finnan and his crew have managed the impossible: to reflect the problems in society and yet rise above them, quite literally. It's entertaining and frightening, and inconclusive and dangerously edgy… catch them while you can!"
Daily Info Oxford on Driven

"Inspirational... A sheer tonic"
Read more from the Birmingham Post review on Fearless

"Sharp, fast and refreshingly different... high velocity dance at its best"
Yorkshire Post on Delicate

"...completely hypnotic"
Birmingham Post on Speed and Light



"Absolutely amazing. Spectacular, Heart stopping"
Audience Member on Run! | Greenwich+Docklands International Festival

"Exquisitely perfect in technique, powerful in its vision and intelligently emotive"
Audience Member on Driven | Warwick Arts Centre

"Absolutely brilliant, mesmerising, shocking, creative, exhausting! I loved it!"
Audience Member on Driven | Theatre Royal, Winchester

"Breathtaking, athletic, inventive and erotic"
Audience Member on Perfect | South Hill Park

"Renaissance was awesome. It was such a treat – how often do you get to see professional dancers performing their socks off in a field, with school children at night, with digger trucks, firework and aerialists suspended by a crane swooping and circling 70 feet above your head? Only Motionhouse could pull it off"
Audience Member on Renaissance | Three Mills

"It was almost unbelievable to see so many courageous performers, one of the best events I have attended"
Audience Member on Dreams and Ruin | Witley Court

"Excellent entertainment – unusual, clever and meaningful"
Audience Member on Road to the Beach | Watergate Bay

Motionhouse... one of the few British companies which still has a truly independent voice"
Sophie Constanti on Flying | Arts East