De Montford University student Donna Beddall performs in the final year company performance piece, Eve, created with Motionhouse’s Artistic Director and Dancer Claire Benson

De Montford University students rehearse for their final performance piece, Eve, created by Motionhouse

De Montford University students perform their final performance piece Eve, created by Motionhouse’s Artistic Director, Kevin Finnan



We delivered a 6 week project with Performing Arts students from De Montfort University as part of their final year Company Performance Module.

Between December 2009 and March 2010, under the direction of Kevin, the students formed a collaborative relationship. They embarked on a journey which allowed them to choreograph, devise and perform a 50 minute performance piece. The students were able to explore choreographic methods and develop their physical skills. The collaboration culminated in a large performance at the Brooksby Melton Theatre in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.

In the first week of residency, students took the themes of 'Gravity' and 'Falling' as a starting stimulus. Over the following 5 weeks, new ideas emerged, choreography evolved and chairs became a central prop. These were used literally and metaphorically as students worked together to create a unique visual performance entitled Eve. Working closely with Kevin, the students shared ideas, challenged themselves physically and came up with new and innovative ways of devising work.

During the residency the students were able to take on dancing roles as well as production and project responsibilities including Project Management, Marketing, Finance, Media and Design Roles. It gave them the opportunity to learn what resources a company needs to run efficiently. They were able to gain confidence in performance, take on new methods in stimulating and creating work and ultimately, develop as individuals.

The 6 week residency featured dancers and actors of a mixed ability who were all involved in the creative process of Eve. Together they engaged in the experience and were able to face the challenges of working in a professional environment. By the end of the residency the students came out feeling inspired and uplifted, and achieving more than they ever thought to expect.

Some of the participants have commented on their experience...

Conceived & Directed by
Kevin Finnan & the students from De Montfort University
Kevin Finnan, Claire Benson & the students from De Montfort University
All 3rd year Performing Arts students from De Montfort University (2010)

Production Team
Project Responsibilities
All students from De Montfort University
Photography by
Jonathan Flint


"When Motionhouse worked with us, it was a real journey for me. I'd spent almost my entire 3 years of university resisting the dance element of my degree. Motionhouse not only helped me to feel comfortable, but they actually turned my attitude right around and I began to really enjoy dancing with them. What's more is that as an aspiring creator of performance watching Kevin's vision unfold before our eyes was fascinating. Truly the best experience of my life so far and I would recommend it to anybody interested in performance of any kind, not just dance."
Lee Stewart

"Working with Motionhouse was a really challenging but inspiring time. Bringing together dancers and non-dancers, Kevin was able to work to our strengths to bring together an amazing show. Working with Motionhouse really opened my eyes to the demands and challenges that await professionals in this industry. On behalf of all involved it was an amazing experience, which allowed us all to develop and achieve more than we ever expected."
Hannah Reynolds

"The experience of working with a professional choreographer was truly rewarding. I developed as an individual, found new ways of creating material, gained confidence and improved my stage presence. Truly inspiring."
Donna Beddall

"Despite the profound challenge involved with being in a Motionhouse production there was an exhilaration that I have never before experienced."
Gary Rogers

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Eve directed by Motionhouse’s Kevin Finnan - Dancers perform onstage in their production of EveEve directed by Motionhouse’s Kevin Finnan - Dancers integrate media with performance of Eve Eve directed by Motionhouse’s Kevin Finnan - A dancer lies motionless in position onstageEve directed by Motionhouse’s Kevin Finnan - Dancers choreograph movement using chairs as a central propEve directed by Motionhouse’s Kevin Finnan - Happy moments are captured during rehearsal.

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