"I LOVED every minute of working with Motionhouse. It's given me such confidence in dance and has made me want to dance all day every day!"

GCSE Dance Student

Watch Us In Action    

Motionhouse work in partnership with Birmingham Ormiston Academy (BOA), an independent state-funded 14-19 Academy specialising in Creative, Digital and Performing Arts in Birmingham.

Talented broadcast students from BOA filmed and edited Broken to give audiences a glimpse of Motionhouse’s latest  theatre show.


Student Resources

We have a large following of students who love to dance and enjoy the Motionhouse style and we're really keen to support this engagement. We've created a number of resources that can support students' needs when studying the company or can be read just for fun!

Our resources have been designed so they're easy to photocopy and free to download. Simply choose from the selection listed below:

Click here to read an article by Kevin about making outdoor dance and the path of tragedy

Click here for a syndicated interview with Kevin on Scattered

Click here to download an article by Kevin about Perfect and becoming a doctor

Click here to read a syndicated interview with Kevin about Perfect and his philosophy as a director

Click here for an interview with Kevin about winning the National Dance Awards in 2006

Click here for an article by Kevin about Dance and Spectacle

Click here to see an interview by Article 19 with Kevin about the success of Perfect

If any of your questions aren't answered in the documents or film listed above please feel free to contact us directly by emailing us at info@motionhouse.co.uk
or calling +44(0) 1926 887 052.

Motionhouse’s 2005/06 production Perfect is on the GCSE Curriculum in England and Wales for Dance and education resources are available to support students’ learning of the piece


Motionhouse offer workshops to teachers and pupils to support their knowledge of the company’s shows and style of dance and performance