Torque is our latest outdoor spectacle for dancers and JCB diggers. This riveting show sees four performers dancing in an extraordinary partnership with two JCBs in a breathtaking display of strength, emotion and beauty.

Following on from Traction and Fragile, Torque boldly explores the relationship between man and machine: a whirlwind of excitement and thrills for all the family.

Created and directed by Kevin Finnan, MBE, Artisitc Director of Motionhouse

Martina Bussi
Junior Cunningham (Rehearsal Director)
Alasdair Stewart
Rebecca Williams

JCB’s operated by
Kev Burrow
Bill Power

PREMIERED | 13 May 2016, International dance festival birmingham

“Once again amazing performance, thank you all for making our afternoon (…)”
Audience member on twitter

“Wo/man, machine & movement. A stunning fourth dimension from @MotionhouseDT”
Audience member on twitter

“4 dancers do amazing things, mainly in and hanging off of the buckets on 2 JCB diggers as they move around in perfect synchronization”

Bruce Marriott – Dance Tabs review

“Highlight of the @godivafestival was Torque by @MotionhouseDT... Brilliant.”
Audience member on twitter


“#Motionhouse #Torque #Birmingham overwhelming and impressive display of strength and beauty as always. Great show”
Audience member on twitter

“Best of these free shows was Motionhouse’s admirable Torque, their latest work involving mechanical diggers and in which four dancers do some amazing and scary things in and hanging off the machines’ buckets (..)”
David Mead – Dancing Times