Punch took us from the eloquence of cave painting to the brutal binary of the modern world; the yes / no state where only one thing matters - success or failure – who's on top and the fight to stay there. 3 men struggled on a totem of male imagery.

Punch was created during the Suffolk Dance Choreographic Bursary; a joint initiative with funding from the Eastern Arts Board.

Premiered | 18 February 1994, UK

Conceived & Directed by
Kevin Finnan & Louise Richards
Kevin Finnan & Louise Richards
Constantine Parks, Jake McLellan & David Waring

Production team
Set Design/Construction
Simon Dorman & Davey Boyall
Lighting Design
Bill Deverson
(Shoes) Reebok U.K. Ltd
Production Manager
Ian Mailer

  "Solid, intelligent work that is beautifully performed. It both satisfies and nourishes"
The Independent on Sunday


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