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Run! was a large-scale site specific performance incorporating dance, film, opera, parcours and a hot air balloon, performed at The Queen's House in the heart of Greenwich as part of Greenwich+Docklands International Festival 2008.

Commissioned as part of a series of works celebrating sport and art, in the run up to the 2012 Olympics, Run! looked at the relationship between sport and life –  why we run, what we run to and from, love and fear through startling visual imagery, mass choreography, new music, film and image projection and inventive machinery. It brought together, for 1 epic performance, dancers from Motionhouse free runners Prodigal Theatre plus opera singers, children from 10 Greenwich schools and 14 puppeteers.

Using imagery from cave drawings, greek vases, zoetrope and the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Run! told a story of indomitable achievement, pain, oppression, passion, democracy and freedom – and it set thousands of viewers' pulses racing during the one off event!

Premiered | 2008, Greenwich + Docklands International Festival, London, UK

Conceived and Directed by
Kevin Finnan
Kevin Finnan & the Company
Dancers in the Trailer
Claire Benson, Junior Cunningham & Olivia Quayle

Production team
Score Design
Errollyn Wallen
Lighting Design
Natasha Chivers
Installations & Mechanical Structures
Sofie Layton
Pyrotechnic Effects
Mike Pattison

  "Absolutely amazing. Spectacular.
Heart stopping!"

Audience Member

Motionhouse’s epic performance of Run! was performed at GDIF in London in 2008. Photography by Peppa Pictures

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Motionhouse’s Run! Photography by Peppa Pictures Motionhouse’s Run! Photography by Dave McKennaOlivia Quayle in Motionhouse’s Run! Photography by Dave McKennaMotionhouse’s Run! Photography by Dave McKennaImagery of Motionhouse’s Run! Photography by Dave McKenna

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