Motionhouse's Giorgio de Carolis and Olivia Quayle performing in The Voyage, part of the London 2012 Festival created in collaboration by Motionhouse and Legs On The Wall and produced by Birmingham Hippodrome. Photography by Katja Ogrin.
"Moving, beautiful, so well organised and choreographed... it was great to see the whole audience involved"

Motionhouse Audience Member

"Awesome! Brilliantly choreographed; beautifully executed – an inspiration and a wonderful piece of theatre. Thank you."
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In autumn 2012 we ran our first fundraising campaign , towards our new festival show, Captive, which is inspired by stories and images of Guantanamo, Gulag, extraordinary rendition, and Rainer Maria Rilke’s 1902 poem The Panther, about a caged animal which is almost numbed.  We premiered the show in summer 2013 and toured to rave reviews thoughout the UK.

With your help, we raised £1921 (including Gift Aid) towards specialist costumes for the dancers performing Captive. Thank you to everyone who generously made donations; those who gave £25.00 or more are listed below.  

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Thank you again to the Angels listed below who supported our first ever crowdfunding campaign to costume Captive with a donation of £25.00 or more.


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Check out more footage from our new festival show, Captive here

Motionhouse productions such as The Voyage (pictured) are highly Physical and require specialist Costumes which we are currently trying to raise money to create, specifically for new show, Captive.


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Alasdair Stewart, Claire Benson, Giorgio de Carolis and Philipp Stummer in Motionhouse's Cascade. Photography by Colin McLeodMotionhouse, Legs On The Wall and the Quest Community Performers appearing in the closing section of The Voyage, created by Motionhouse and Legs On The Wall and produced by Birmingham Hippodrome for the London 2012 Festival. Photography by Paul MachacekJunior Cunningham and Olivia Quayle in Motionhouse's Waiting Game. Photography by Doug DouthallOlivia Quayle, Laura Peña Nuñez, Claire Benson, Junior Cunningham, Giorgio de Carolis, Alasdair Stewart and Philipp Stummer in Motionhouse's Scattered - Photography courtesy of Macau Cultural CentreClaire Benson in Motionhouse's Underground. Photography by Dave McKenna

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To see images from an upcoming Motionhouse production, Captive check out the gallery page by clicking here