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Backstage at Birmingham Hippodrome

Work Placement Diaries: Paige Wigfield

3rd April 2018

We were recently lucky enough to be joined by student Paige Wigfield, from University Centre Doncaster, for a week’s work placement with us. We spoke to Paige about how she found her experience of working at Motionhouse, and of helping with our production of Charge at Birmingham Hippodrome.

How was your experience at the Birmingham Hippodrome?

My experience at the Birmingham Hippodrome was both positive and informative. I was educated on how the company ran merchandise sales, worked with the box office and recorded vox pops with audience members to use as marketing material.

I gathered audience members for the vox pops with Lucy, Marketing & PR Manager, first-hand, and it was fantastic to hear all the positive responses that Charge received. You can scroll down and watch these below!

The company also had two community curtain raisers with participants from the West Midlands, before the main performance of Charge. The first was by a group which had worked with the Birmingham Hippodrome education team, run by Liz Leck, and the second was from various college groups who had worked with Junior Cunningham, Rehearsal Director at Motionhouse. It was interesting to see the outcome of both performances, and to see these young people thrive on stage. It’s clear that Motionhouse have a real passion for engaging with communities.

During the evening there was a pre-show talk from Professor Dame Frances Ashcroft, the scientist that helped Kevin Finnan, Artistic Director of Motionhouse, to understand the science behind Charge. There was also a post-show discussion, for the audience to ask their questions to Kevin and the dancers. It was great to see full audiences for all the Motionhouse events at the Hippodrome. People coming out on a Tuesday night to support Motionhouse in their 30th year is greatly appreciated.

What did you think of the performance of Charge?

The performance of Charge exceeded my expectations for the second time, after previously watching it at Cast in Doncaster. Admirably, the production features just six dancers but they each fill the stage with energy, and amazing technical ability. Combining art, technology and science, Charge is suitable for all audiences and is a must-see, electrifying show!

What Audiences Think of Charge

Thank you to photographer Alicia Knight for the fantastic backstage photos.