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Tales of Timișoara: Harness Training

31st August 2018

With the dancers jetting off to Timișoara in just over a week’s time, today’s harness fittings marked the beginning of an exciting process towards preparations for our upcoming spectacle, Lumen.

Gaining familiarity with the equipment is something incredibly important to our dancers, as with each new work there is a new skill set to be learned due to the vast palette of movement that we continue to draw from, and so Lumen marks a new and exciting chapter for everyone alike. Today was able to give us an exciting glimpse of what to expect over the next few weeks due to the extensive amount of aerial work that will be used within Lumen, including everything from drones to flying bicycles to a floating room suspended from cranes, an unforgettable experience not to be missed.

Drawing from the people of Timișoara acting as a constant light of the city throughout the country’s history, Lumen will take place on a disused dock on the Bega River in Timișoara, Romania and will be a part of the cultural programme in the lead-up to the TM2021 European Capital of Culture celebrations taking place there in 2021, marking the beginning of the celebrations.

With just five weeks to go until the premiere and reality beginning to check in, we caught up with a few of our dancers to see how they were feeling about Lumen and the journey ahead of them.

Check out our small gallery below of the harness training in action.