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Tales of Timișoara: The First Week

14th September 2018

Late on Monday evening Kevin, our crew and our dancers landed in Timișoara, Romania, marking the start of an exciting month of Lumen preparations ahead of the performances on the 5th, 6th and 7th October.  Everyone dived straight into work with the first company meeting taking place on Tuesday morning, involving the briefing of the dancers along with the harmonious meeting of the people in Timișoara with the people of Motionhouse, laying the foundations for an exciting partnership for the remainder of this project.

After a short spell of exploring the city, the team dedicated some time into getting familiar with the location of the piece at the former port located on the Bega channel, dating all the way back to 1860. As well as using the river, a structure is being built to help transform the space ready for the thrilling components involved within this outdoor spectacle, including delights such as mind-blowing aerial work from cranes, a swarm of hundreds of drones and interactions with incredible digital projections by our long-term collaborator Logela in order to bring this former port back to life and tell the story of the city and its people.

Over 300 people will be involved within Lumen and this week our dancers got the chance to meet and begin rehearsals with the many volunteers involved in making this project a reality. As well as forming great relationships, the rehearsal began to tackle one of the exciting large group dance sections of the piece, even ending with our famous ‘job done!’

Take a look at photos of the site as well as snippets from our training videos below to see them in action: