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Tales of Timișoara: Projection Ready

21st September 2018

Ahead of the fast-approaching premiere of outdoor spectacle Lumen, today marks the end of yet another busy week in Timișoara for our team.

Over the past few days, our long-term collaborators and incredible film makers Logela arrived and delved straight into the creative office space to work with Kevin and the dancers on the digital projections that will interact with the movement throughout the piece. In preparation for this, the dancers spent some time exploring the set and rehearsing their choreography in order to show Logela their canvas of what they will be working with and projecting onto throughout this process.

The arrival of LED poles that we will be using in the show also meant that the dancers could experiment with them in the dark for the first time, giving an exciting glimpse of what’s to come and reinforcing one of the key themes of Lumen, ‘shine your light’, in celebration of the wonderful people of Timișoara lighting up their city, through even the darkest of times.

Check out the video below for an exclusive preview: