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You asked and our dancers have answered, Part 2

5th December 2018

Today we give you the second instalment of our Q&A in which our dancers continue to answer all of your questions. Stay tuned to discover everything from advice for aspiring performers, fitness tips, favourite performances and past Motionhouse performance envy.

What advice would you give to young performers and actors? (Kate-Marie, 19)

Danny: I would just advise people to be open minded. Never say no, don’t be hard on yourself and remember that being vulnerable is ok! Most of all I would just urge people to enjoy yourself, take your work seriously but don’t take yourself too seriously.

Naomi: A career in the arts takes dedication as it’s a desirable industry. Some skills I think you must possess or be willing to learn are: to be approachable, show willingness to be part of a team, often be prepared to work long days/hours/travel often. Be accommodating to quick changes and adaptions. Be open to new ideas and contribute other ideas. Be self-motivated to stay healthy and network. Organised to arrange and plan for daily, weekly and yearly scheduling, you will be your own boss often. Value your reputation as that is what people can and may hear about you. I believe you are you biggest promoter, how you represent yourself. Be reliable and trustworthy, this hugely impacts how others see you.

Aside from dance, what do you do to keep fit? (Anonymous)

Rosie: I usually cycle. It’s so good for your muscles and joints in a low impact setting. I also enjoy rock climbing and bouldering. I find it mentally challenging as well as physically and the feeling when you’ve nailed it is brill.

Danny: I don’t do anything extra outside of work to keep fit. I believe that resting is equally as important. I do walk my dog but for enjoyment rather than fitness.

What has been your favourite performance that you have done with Motionhouse? (Matthew, 24)

Chris: It has to be Scattered for me, my first show with Motionhouse. I joined at the right time – a 6 week tour of America, followed by 2 weeks in Asia a few months later. The show’s about water and humans’ relationships to it in different climates. Within 6 months of performing with Motionhouse I’d performed the piece on the Canadian border where snow was up to our waists, the Texan desert, Tokyo and Hong Kong’s rainy seasons and just about everything in between. Oh, and it was the most fun but gruelling show I’ve ever done – the 10ft ramp was awesome to slide down but a killer to run back up. Some amazing memories.

Danny: I absolutely loved BROKEN. It was the first theatre show I created with Motionhouse. I feel like I just connected with where Kevin (Artistic Director) was coming from. He showed us a lot of research and I just felt really inspired by it. I think because it all came from a human level, and the thoughts and feeling behind those things. I struggle with abstract dance and connect more with thoughts and feelings. I would love for BROKEN to come back one day. So if any promoters are reading this…. what are you waiting for? Book BROKEN. I had to be strict with myself because I do have a couple of shows that I love 🙂

What past Motionhouse show do you wish you could have performed in and why? (Amelia, 22)

Alasdair: I wish I had had the opportunity to perform in Perfect. It was the first Motionhouse show I saw live and was really inspirational to me. Therefore I’d like to give it a go, although I’ve heard from Junior that it was very difficult dancing in the sand!

Beth: I would absolutely LOVE to have been in Broken!! It was the first show I saw Motionhouse perform and was the moment that I fell in love with the company and inspired me throughout my training. For me, the show perfectly balances dance, theatre and circus, with the thrill of what the company does on the set and then the incredible physicality of the movement sequences (hopefully it will come back soon!!)

Danny: That would have been Scattered, but I was lucky enough to perform it when I first joined the company. I premiered with that show in NYC. #NotBadNotBad I studied Motionhouse when I was in school and they were always on my list of companies I would love to work for, as well as DV8 and Jasmin Vardimon, so I feel very lucky and would love to have been in any of their past productions.

Thanks to everyone who sent in their questions! Keep a look out for the final installment of our Q&A to drop later this week!