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Welcoming Laura and Flo to the Team!

16th October 2019

Hi everyone, I’m Laura and I’m the new Audience Development and Engagement Coordinator. I first encountered Motionhouse when I was working at Midlands Arts Centre where Motionhouse performed Charge and I’ve been fascinated by their work ever since.

So far my highlight has been going to see WILD perform in Liverpool; I was completely mesmerized by the performance and I really enjoyed having the chance to talk to the audience about their response to the production too. I’m excited to work for such an innovative and welcoming arts organization and I can’t wait to be a part in bringing this amazing work to audiences.

Hello, I’m Flo, the new Digital Engagement Officer! I have just graduated from the University of Warwick this summer and you may say I have been a keen follower of Motionhouse. To this day, I have seen Charge, WILD and BLOCK twice each, participated in Open Company Classes, and attended the Motionhouse Adult Contemporary classes for over a year.

Therefore, I have a lot of Motionhouse highlights – one of them was definitely spending an entire weekend in June travelling to Nottingham then Liverpool to catch WILD then BLOCK. This Motionhouse-filled weekend was nothing short of fantastic, both shows are absolutely breath-taking while being thought-provoking as well, and I had the added cultural experience of witnessing Liverpool after their Champions League win. However, I believe my biggest highlight is to now be working for the company I have admired ever since I stepped out of my first Charge show. I am very excited for this new challenge and look forward to continue sharing Motionhouse’s inspiring work to the digital world.