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Motionhouse does Touch Tour training with Mind’s Eye!

11th February 2020

Two weeks ago, we had the pleasure to welcome Anne Hornsby from Mind’s Eye for a day-long training session around the creation of a touch tour for our outdoor dance-circus production WILD, with the support of  our partner Without Walls. Following this first training stage, the dancers and the team will spend two days creating the touch tour this March, before testing and offering this opportunity to festivals and venues in the WILD tour from April onward. As a company, we are committed to improving access to our work and promoting an inclusive environment for our audiences, so Anne’s training was both insightful and inspiring for the Motionhouse team!

The day included a mix of presentations, to learn about the social context of visual impairment, the etiquette and the good practices in welcoming and guiding visually impaired and blind audience members; as well as a range of practical activities to reflect on the importance of language and put into practice what Anne had taught us.

The tasks we were set ranged from describing a room sitting back to back, to practicing tongue twisters, to reciting Humpty Dumpty one word at a time. As you can see below, that took a few tries to get right! Who knew nursery rhymes could be so mind-boggling??


All these fun activities ultimately showed us the importance of clarity and articulation when guiding, but, above all, how many layers there are to audio description. Much more than just methodically listing what someone could see, it is about creating a multi-sensory experience for the visitor to truly make the story and its setting come to life!

We had a few tries to practice guiding one another around the WILD set, with the dancers then recreating some of the iconic poses and throws of the show to offer a even more in-depth experience. The team slowly became more confident in our description and experimented with many creative ideas that will most certainly feed into the creation of the WILD touch tour.

We once again want to extend a massive thank you to Anne Hornsby for delivering such a fantastic and insightful session! We also want to thank Without Walls who has been supporting us in this process!

We are eager to put into practice what we have learned, and look forward to furthering the creation of the WILD touch tour!