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Meet our professional placement scheme Dancers!

Get to know our new professional placement scheme dancers!

14th September 2021

We would like to introduce you to our two new team members, joining us on a 12 month work-based professional placement from The Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Meet Bethan Probert and Mitchell Davis!  

Bethan and Mitchell have been travelling out on tour with us and learning our repertoire.  

Find out a bit more about them below…

Tell us a bit about you – what got you into dancing? 

Bethan: I’ve danced since I was 3. I have always been a mover from when I was little, I couldn’t sit still. I did lots of different styles of dance, whilst also doing gymnastics because I have always been fascinated in what my body can do through movement. 

Mitchell: I was first introduced to dance through a workshop led by Balletboyz at my secondary school, aimed at getting more boys into dance.  

I fell in love with the athleticism and elegance that I saw, my school set up a boys dance group afterwards and we worked close to this style with a lot of contact work 

Why do you love dance? 

Bethan: I love dance because of how fulfilling it feels not just physically, but socially and psychologically as well. 

Mitchell: Growing up I was very athletic and also artistic/creative. Dance was my first experience of these combined aspects in a single practice. Dance is something that has supported me through the highs and lows of my life. 

What are you most looking forward to in your Professional Placement Scheme at Motionhouse? 

Bethan: I’m looking forward to spending time with other people that love what they do. Just being exposed to a busy and constantly changing atmosphere, I will be able to learn a lot just from being in the same space, moving and rehearsing with all of the dancers. 

Mitchell: I am most looking forward to indulging in the day to day life of the company. Getting to participate in all aspects of the company from the teaching to the highlights of performing. 

We are looking forward to seeing what Bethan and Mitchell achieve during their time with us. We’ll be sure to keep you posted!