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Perfect was about time: the way we witness time and how it pulls and shapes us, draws us together and tears us apart. It was about waiting, nurturing and growing, about our fear of ageing and changing and about our race against time’s unstoppable force.

With heart-stopping physicality, low-level flying and aerial work, Perfect saw 5 performers fly in the face of time, living large, in a time-poor world.

Perfect featured an evocative music score, gripping imagery and golden desert landscapes, securing us the Audience Award at the Critics’ Circle National Dance Awards in 2006.

It became a set piece in the GCSE Dance Curriculum in England and Wales in 2010.

Premiered 25 January 2005, Warwick Arts Centre, UK

Watch Perfect in Action

With its Zen gardens, beach parties, clever use of giant projected hands to manipulate the dancers, independent minded shadows and passages of harnessed flight, this is a warm, beguiling, oddly reassuring work; a Neverland for grown-ups

The Sunday Times