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Rehearsal Director’s update: First Edition

Introducing my new blog

19th February 2019

Welcome to my new blog series in which I will give you monthly insights about our work from my perspective as Rehearsal Director for Motionhouse.

It’s all change this month, with three new performers joining us to train and rehearse for Charge ahead of our upcoming spring tour. The new performers will replace longstanding team members – one as a maternity cover and the other two to replace dancers who are retiring from performing – so this time is crucial to build trust. At the moment, we’re working with the dancers who are leaving us to hand over their roles to our new dancers. It’s a strange mixture of both excitement and sadness as we move from one established team to create a new one.  We are losing people that we have worked with for years, with whom we have built up friendship, skills, development and trust, but on the flipside we have the opportunity to work with new people who bring a new youthful energy and an exciting skillset as well as a great sense of passion, drive and willingness to learn. If you want to find out more about our new performers, please read this blog about them and what they are most looking forward to at Motionhouse.

After just a few weeks of training together we have already established a good team feeling and the new dancers have gelled really well with the rest of the company. I’m excited to see this continue to develop throughout the rest of the month. We’ve got a lot of work to get through in the coming months, so we are focusing on working with our new dancers to build up the specialist skills they need to feel comfortable and be able to work confidently and safely for their first performance with us.

Everyone is really throwing themselves into the process, so it creates a creative, open atmosphere. It’s going great and we are in a good place right now – it has been a really smooth transition so far and it is great to see where we are and what we have achieved so soon. We can’t wait to be back touring Charge for you soon! Check the Tour Dates page of our website to find out where the tour is taking us.

That’s it from me this month. I’ll be back giving you updates on what our dancers are getting up to each month as we make our new show WILD and go off on tour with Charge, so follow me on this blog to make sure you don’t miss anything!