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Rehearsal Director’s Update: Second Edition

Insights from March

15th March 2019

This March has been another busy and exciting month for us here at Motionhouse.  We are rehearsing Charge ready for its 4th tour of the UK, and are also creating our brand new outdoor show, WILD as well as rehearsing our outdoor shows Captive and BLOCK.

Every day the WILD creation process is producing new and challenging material and it’s great to see the mix of play and hard work from everyone. It has been great for our new performers to be a part of the process and learn how we work as a company to create new work. It’s also been fun getting to know the set – it always plays such an important role in our work here at Motionhouse, and it’s always exciting to work on a new one. Each set brings new challenges, but also exciting new possibilities for a new movement vocabulary and the new material it allows us to generate.

When we have a new show, we also have to practice how to tour it! So we’ve been practicing taking the set up and down each week to find the most efficient method, and this will prepare us for when WILD goes on tour this summer.

This month has also given me the opportunity to introduce the new company members to the other side of life at Motionhouse, for example, by assisting me with teaching community classes and learning how to drive the company van!

We’ve been keeping up Charge rehearsals and it won’t be long before it’s ready to burst on stage for our upcoming spring tour, hopefully we’re somewhere near you, check out the tour dates here.

The BLOCK cast has joined us to rehearse for their Barcelona tour. It’s been great training with them and I am excited to be able to be off on tour with them to support them in Barcelona. I’m looking forward to it and can’t wait to bring BLOCK to new audiences around the city. You can read more about our BLOCK Barcelona Tour on our blog here.

It has been strange to see our once little company overflowing with people this month as our core company of 9 people were joined by the BLOCK cast, our apprentice dancer Becky, previous company members training up our new performers and various guests with us on placement. It’s been a whole myriad of people all bringing different things to the table so it’s created a great team atmosphere and it’s been amazing to see how much we’ve grown as a company.

That’s all from me this March. Don’t forget to tune in next month for all the latest updates on what the company has been up to.