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Tales of Timișoara: Everything Coming Together

18th September 2018

All of the aspects involved within Lumen have slowly started to come together this week, edging us closer and closer to our spectacular outdoor show becoming a reality. The beginning of the week saw time spent gaining familiarity with the disused dock on the Bega River where the work will take place as well as group rehearsals with the many talented dance volunteers involved within the project. Towards the end of the week our dancers were also able to rehearse with the local choirs who will help bring to life the dockside and even held a rehearsal on the site marking out the space for the final performance. Stay tuned with our blog to keep up to date with the exciting developments of Lumen each week.

Take a look at our rehearsal photos from Lumen this week below:

Over the weekend our dancers were also lucky enough to let off some steam at the amazing PLAI festival, the largest European world music festival organised by thousands of dedicated volunteers and ran by the same great team working with us on Lumen. This was a great opportunity for our dancers not only to take a well-deserved break but also to continue getting to know the town of Timișoara and building relationships with the incredible people that live there, an integral theme that will be showcased within Lumen.

Check out their amazing photos below: