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Tales of Timișoara: A Fond Farewell to Timișoara

9th October 2018

After a weekend of performances, where Lumen was performed over 3 nights to an incredible 23,500 people, we’re on our way home – with happy memories of an extraordinary experience, but sad to be leaving new friends and such amazing city.

We’ve made so many friends throughout the project – it has been so wonderful working with the BEGA team, the volunteers and everyone else who was involved in Lumen. We feel very privileged to have been invited to bring Lumen to life with you.

Getting to know Timișoara as a place and gaining insight into its incredible people and history as we’ve worked on the project fills us with immense pride. We hope Lumen really did ‘shine a light’ on the people of the city.

We are incredibly grateful to the fantastic people of Timișoara for making us feel very welcome, all of the amazing community performers who took part within the project and our marvelous team who we are so proud of for working hard to make Lumen unforgettable.

Lumen was the first phase of project BEGA which is a special programme of Timișoara 2021, European Capital of Culture and so we look forward to seeing what they get up to for the rest of their celebrations!

Check out the photos and videos below for your chance to relive the magic:

Check out this incredible footage of Lumen in action:

Take a look at Lumen making an appearance on Romanian TV, including a short interview with our Artistic Director, Kevin Finnan: