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EXO is a stunning outdoor spectacle featuring two incredible performers, a JCB digger and a driver. EXO  premiered in Deptford in partnership with The Albany on 25th August 2018 as part of Circulate. EXO is an extraordinary partnership between dancers and a JCB digger  in a breathtaking display of strength and beauty.

EXO was created with additional support from Garfield Weston Foundation, The Foyle Foundation, 29th of May Charitable Trust and the Saintbury Trust as part of the Motionhouse Goes Wild! touring project.

Following on from Traction, Fragile and Torque, EXO explores the relationship between humans and machines: a whirlwind of excitement and thrills for all the family.

Witness the thrill of EXO:

For Promoters

If you are interested in booking EXO or would like to find out more, contact our Programme Producer Victoria on [email protected] or +44 (0)1926 887052.